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#Weekend Whiskey

Laphroaig 10: Get a BIG FLAVORED WHISK(E)Y for the BIG GAME. The game on Sunday promises to be action packed. This bottle, I promise, is FULL of smoke (peat) flavor. Laphroaig is known for...
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Weekend Whiskey: Ardbeg 10

Ardbeg 10 I’m normally not a pete monster however, Ardbeg 10 is revered as one of the top petted whiskeys around. I cant say that I would disagree with that.  It’s subtlety and...
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Weekend Whiskey Review: Glenlivet NĂ durra

I have always enjoyed the Glenlivet expressions. As a matter of fact, I have yet to try a bottle that I didn’t enjoy. Which was why I was so excited to be able to snag a bottle of the...
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The Whiskey To Drink When You Win The POWERBALL

Look, You know you going to win the Powerball tonight so why not go ahead and make the preparations.   On your last drive home from your dumb work, swing by your local goody-goody and...
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Whiskey Weekend: Get This New Year Started Off Rye-t

All right already, lets get the sweet taste of the bubbly out of our mouths and get this New Year started off the Rye-t way… see what I did there.   Colorado Gold Rye Whiskey is a one...
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Get Your New Years Eve On: Best Champagne For The Party.

Okay, you finished your Christmas eggnog and now it is time to think about New Years Eve. Instead of grabbing the same old bottle this year be a stand out from the others at the party.  ...
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Weekend Whiskey: The Glenlivet 15

This is a great expression for all The Glenlivet doubters who find the 12 a bit lacking.  The 15 year old solves all the doubters worries, it tastes like the 12 but just more...
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Whiskey Review: Kelsey Creek Single Barrel Bourbon

There is something new on the shelves at GOODY GOODY , yes there is another new addition to the bourbon world, Kelsey Creek Single Barrel. I don’t know much this bottle but I do know...
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The Perfect Thanksgiving Scotch - The Balvenie Doublewood 12

I know  Jonathan Wingo (The Balvenie Ambassador) well enough to say that he wouldn't disagree that The Balvenie Doubblewood 12 is the perfect after-dinner Thanksgiving scotch. The...
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Try a scotch and beer tasting between Highland Park and two Texas breweries

Remember the saying “ Liquor before beer, in the clear; Beer before liquor, never sicker ”, keep that order of that saying in mind as we look into doing a scotch and beer pairing. I...
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